TileBoard - New dashboard for Homeassistant


Is it only me or did 0.86 break everything with TileBoard?


can you help me? I uploaded the tileboard files in the www folder as described and I can also reach the dashboard but unfortunately I always see the error message. I just made the installation I’m a neophyte. I have 0.85.1 hassio
Thank you all.



I’m having difficulties on getting my Xiaomi vacuum robot to show stats in the TileBoard. The stats are in attributes of vacuum type of sensor and I do not know how to reference those so that I can see them in TileBoard. Any ideas?




Everything works fine


So like this?

position: [0, 0],
title: 'Battery',
id: 'vacuum.xiaomi_vacuum_cleaner',
unit: '%',
state: '@attributes.battery_level'

This works but the battery level is only a small int in right corner. How can I get it bigger? Like in sensor type?


ragazzi mi date una mano perfavore??? guardate il post sopra??


Why did you change id?


Sorry, just edited my last response. id was indeed copy paste mistake and was not working because of that.


You are showing battery value in state (top right). Sensors are completely different as they show values instead of icons and are not clickable. You can prefix battery value with text showing something like “Battery: 23%”


So what’s the difference between this project and the add-on “homepanel”


Do you mean with TEXT_LIST or something else? Haven’t just anything else than normal sensor before…

Edit: What would be best for me is that most space in the tile would go to the value I can make attributes as sensors in HA and then show them in the tileboards?


I’m sorry but I can’t understand what exactly you want to do :slight_smile:


I want the attributes value to as big as possible in the TileBoard. Like TYPES.SENSOR shows their state. So I was thinking if I make a template_sensor from the attribute in HA config and then use that in TileBoard?

Sorry for being unclear.


Hi I am trying to convert a camera tile to use a VLC MJPG stream. However I am getting the following error for every image received:


This is my tile:
position: [1, 1],

id: {},
title: ‘Stream Test’,
bgSize: ‘cover’,
width: 1,
state: false,
fullscreen: {},
refresh: 100,
filter: function (item, entity) {
return “<IP_ADDRESS>:PORT>”;


VLC is streaming correctly as far as I can tell, has anybody experienced this?


Well, you probably forgot about http://


If you want to display attribute of any entity in SENSOR tile, there is no need to create template sensor in HA, simply specify override the value:

value: ‘&vacuum.XXX.attribues.YYY’,


Thank you, after more fiddling I managed to get an image.

However the image flickers and disappears after a few seconds. This seems to happen on any frame rate I set on the stream or in the tile.

Any ideas? Image coming from the VLC stream seems fine.


Si, certo.

The “Errore di sistema”/“System Error” typically appears when you have a syntax error in your configuration, e.g. missing comma, mismatching brackets, missing or wrong quotes.
If you use Chrome you can for example open its developer tools to check the detailed JavaScript error message in the console. If you’re lucky, the error message points out the file and line that contains the mistake.


You need to get rid of refresh