Time based automation is unreliable for me, can anyone see why?

Here’s my config directory in github: https://github.com/JonTheNiceGuy/home-assistant-configs can anyone see what I’m doing wrong? I’m not getting consistent turn-offs or turn-on of my light, and it’s starting to annoy my wife!

Thanks in advance!

I would suggest using the time trigger with after…

automation 2:
    platform: time
    # When 'after' is used, you cannot also match on hour, minute, seconds.
    # Military time format.
    after: '15:32:00'

The way you have it I think it triggers every minute but only between your condition times. use the above trigger method and delete your conditions.

I use this in my automation for my nest and it has been rock solid.

Check the logs and the timestamps to find out which automation that causes the problem.