Timer switches?

I’d like to have an option to set custom, quick timers for switches to be able to do quickly One-off stuff like “turn this off in 20 minutes” without needing to create new automations.

How can I do that? I tried telling this to Almond but it didn’t work. Ideal solution would be the expanded view (tap on entity).

Is this a Feature Request or are you requesting assistance to create an automation?

It’s probably a feature request but I was wondering if there is maybe a HACS plugin to do this. Some of those are rather advanced.

This is quite common.
It requires an input_number for the adjustable delay
A script for the delay
And an automation usually triggered by the device going on to then call the script
Do you have an entity id ?
You seem quite an old hand are you using the AE or editing the yaml by hand in notepad etc ?

Just reading your response to Taras, so forget this and I can’t help with HACS

You could probably come up with something using an input text for the entity to control, an input number for the timer duration and an input boolean to set it all in motion.

Thanks, if nothing else is available, I’ll try your tips. It just occurred that was a simple thing but from what I see, Amazon Echo cannot do it as well. Weird.

HA is like a set of lego bricks, it is a toybox from which you can build anything you want.
What you have asked for is a bit more than a window but less than a race car.
I’m sure (if you come back) finity, Taras or I will be happy to help.
Good luck