TKBHome Zwave events

I’m trying to setup some action on right button of TKB Home switch.

I’ve assigned UZB stick to group 2 of the TKB switch. Manual states that Group 2 is responsible for right button.

The problem is that when I tail events using Configurator I see no difference in events from left or right button:

{"id": 1, "type": "event", "event": {"event_type": "zwave.node_event", "data": {"entity_id": "zwave.wenzhou_tkb_control_system_tz66d_dual_wall_switch_3", "node_id": 4, "basic_level": 255}, "origin": "LOCAL", "time_fired": "2018-12-30T13:10:41.499467+00:00", "context": {"id": "c3291711ac354c6e9fc442bb45eabc6f", "user_id": null}}}

{"id": 1, "type": "event", "event": {"event_type": "zwave.node_event", "data": {"entity_id": "zwave.wenzhou_tkb_control_system_tz66d_dual_wall_switch_3", "node_id": 4, "basic_level": 255}, "origin": "LOCAL", "time_fired": "2018-12-30T13:10:40.227542+00:00", "context": {"id": "de561d37096c4f3ca22059ac5a46f584", "user_id": null}}}

{"id": 1, "type": "event", "event": {"event_type": "zwave.node_event", "data": {"entity_id": "zwave.wenzhou_tkb_control_system_tz66d_dual_wall_switch_3", "node_id": 4, "basic_level": 0}, "origin": "LOCAL", "time_fired": "2018-12-30T13:10:39.505634+00:00", "context": {"id": "ecbc3c7557dd40b38427aecde78ca868", "user_id": null}}}

{"id": 1, "type": "event", "event": {"event_type": "zwave.node_event", "data": {"entity_id": "zwave.wenzhou_tkb_control_system_tz66d_dual_wall_switch_3", "node_id": 4, "basic_level": 0}, "origin": "LOCAL", "time_fired": "2018-12-30T13:10:38.321254+00:00", "context": {"id": "135528c6c0564dca9dd208ff24f031c3", "user_id": null}}}

Both left and right buttons send the same basic level of 0 or 255. How can I approach this?

Thanks for your time.