To tuya or not to tuya? or to upgrade HA or not

I have 2021.9.7 running right now. I also have a roller blind “cover” working too. It doesn’t actually update its state to “open” or “closed”, only to “opening” or “closing”, but at least HA can open or close it.
I was hoping the new supported-by-tuya official integration would fix the status issue, but now I read that the blind/cover won’t be supported at all for the time being.
My question is this: If I upgrade to 2010.10 will I lose my cover entirely from HA?
Can I somehow keep the “old” tuya integration until the new one supports covers?
Or if I want to retain control over my tuya cover, do I need to stay on 2021.09.07?

Sorry for asking what probably seem like obvious questions, but there has been so much written about Tuya in the last day or so, I just can’t seem to find the information I want in the mass of data!
Thank you

I installed the new update and ended up rolling it back. It changed some of my devices to entities and the Tuya integration was Buggy. Some of my devices were un available. I was kind of bummed because I really wanted the updated TP-Link/KASA features. I’ll wait for some fixes to this new version before I update.

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Just upgraded. Fortunately, I only have one Tuya device - an underfloor heating controller, which is showing the wrong temp (1/5th of what it really is). Looks like a common problem with the new integration.

Yes. The HACS one (“V2”) and the builtin one are technically different.

Just installed 2021.10, removed V2 and installed builtin, saw that my smoke detector was not supported, uninstalled builtin and reinstalled V2, and it works fine.

I’m not using the HACS one, I’m using the built-in one that comes with HA. As I understand it, that built-in one will be “overwritten” with the new official Tuya integration and I’ll lose my cover.

Oh, you mean the old builtin tuya supported more than the new one?

Well, there is a way:

  "domain": "tuya",
  "name": "Tuya",
  "documentation": "",
  "requirements": ["tuyaha==0.0.10"],
  "codeowners": ["@ollo69"],
  "config_flow": true,
  "iot_class": "cloud_polling",
  "version": "2021.09",
  "dhcp": [
    {"macaddress": "508A06*"},
    {"macaddress": "7CF666*"},
    {"macaddress": "10D561*"},
    {"macaddress": "D4A651*"},
    {"macaddress": "68572D*"},
    {"macaddress": "1869D8*"}
  • restart HA

Then, that one will overwrite the 2021.10 one.


I think that answers i then. An upgrade will lead to a poorer experience. Not like the Home Assistant team, but what can you do?
I found someone had put the “old” Tuya integration in a github repo which can simply be added to HACS here: effecitively doing what @koying did but without the editing of files.


Thanks for sharing, I need to try this.
when I upgraded to 2021.10 my Tuya switches and covers were all missing. I followed the instructions for the official tuya v2… but without Covers it makes no sense for me to stay on this build. (blinds are important) - I’ll try to find some time to install the original Tuya via this git repo and report back.

I can’t get this new integration working at all.

I’m pretty sure I have followed everything properly. I get the device/entity available in HA but trying to switch the lightstrip on or off does nothing. Or rather the switch toggles and then reverts to whatever the current state of the device is.

That’s the strange thing - the state of the HA entity mirrors the state of the device but HA cannot switch it!

I’ve also just received an email from Tuya that seems to indicate that I need to pay for a subscription service? I thought it was supposed to be free.

I think I’ll just ditch the integration and use the app t control the only tuya device I currently have. Unless someone can help me out?

Did you find the Smart Home Devices Management API, as it’s missing in my Tuya developer dashboard…

Probably better off asking in the thread about the official Tuya integration. This is a seldom used backwater with few visitors. And I got rid of all my tuya devices, even my blinds. I put tasmota on one, and esphome on another. Glad to see the back of Tuya.