Tokenised IPv6 Identifiers configuration

In the network settings of home assistant OS there are 3 configuration options for IPv6, Automatic, Static and off. when running a network without DHCPv6(for reasons) this makes letting severs have shorter addresses a little more annoying.

Linux does support a Draft RFC for a user configured host token, so that it still gets prefixes from a RA, but it can have a manually assigned host segment.

Under NetworkManager this is configured using


which would combine with a prefix of 2001:db80:2894::/32 to become 2001:db80:2894::420

I’d suggest careful testing with IPv6 and HASS after finding weird issues with MQTT:

that is unrelated to this feature reqest, although i agree should be fixed

did you open the issue in the correct repo like one of the comments suggested?

Thanks for the info, I didn’t know about tokenizing an ipv6 interface identifier :slight_smile: .

Just as a confirmation, I was able to configure it (and unconfigure it) using nmcli on HassOS. Note: there is a dependency between addr-gen-mode and token.

# nmcli con mod "Supervisor enp0s3" ipv6.addr-gen-mode eui64
# nmcli con mod "Supervisor enp0s3" ipv6.token ::420

to go back to what it was before:

# nmcli con mod "Supervisor enp0s3" ipv6.token ''
# nmcli con mod "Supervisor enp0s3" ipv6.addr-gen-mode stable-privacy