Toon - HA and GA

I very much like the Toon/Boxx integration, works ok.

I have a nabu casa url and also added Google Assistant. Now there’s something strange. The thermosthat shows up in GA and Google Home. But I can only turn holiday mode on/off (which I’ve done once I guess in the 3 years that i own a Boxx. And I can turn the thermostat program on/off. Which I also never do. I just set a pre programmed stated (home, away, comfort or sleep). I don’t know if this is a limitation of GA or HA. But i would love to give the new home/away routines a try in GA and if I go away, would love it if I could put Boxx in that state also automatically. And yeah, I know, this is possible in HA already. Yet in HA presence detection stays a gamble and isn’t quite as reliable as I would like it.

That’s based on your setup, I’m running presence detection with HA for 3 years without problems or false triggers.

Note however, your mobile app must be configured for remote access (settings/connection/external url), otherwise the location of your phone will remain stuck at the last recorded position before it lost connection with wifi (which will probably be ‘home’ :thinking:)

If not you should rely on other means detection of home/away then the geolocation of the phone.

Thanks for the note, but my initial problem is that I can’t uses presets in google routines.

As far as presence detection goes, my app is configured for remote access. I’ve switched to wifi connection by the way for home/away. Hope that works better. Had a new Pixel 5 coming in, had to change my automations anyway.

This is the Toon Thermostaat right?

I bought a second hand one and rooted it, works pretty ok here :wink:, but I’m not using google, works fine with Siri though