Toon van Eneco custom component


History should show the strings correctly, but unfortunately there’s no way to show strings in a graph


Did the older library show temperature in 0.1 degree intervals or is that just me not remembering it correctly? Right now the interval is 0.5 degrees and it’s a bit inaccurate at times.


Well then i will take a shower later, but my daughter just did earlier and all i can see is on/off in the history…

i did saw the correct string in the ui though


That’s weird, if the ui is showing it it should also be recorded in the history. This is not handled by the component, any sate should be saved into history automatically.


I don’t think that the intervals have changed at all.


Changed my mind and took a shower this morning instead… Stopped 12 min ago. That’s the only info. But there is no “water_heating” in history.


My apologies… This evening i do see water_heating in the history when my son went to have shower…


Thanks for this update! Got the burner status working :smiley:

Exactly is there a possibility in the api to get the meter readings?
Toon is connected to the smart meter on the P1 port and within Toon it’s possible to see your meterreadings for electrical 1, 2 and gas readings. See example below.

But I would integrate something like this within Home Assistant and even publish it for e.g. to



You mean something like this?


check your entities within the sensor domain. Power_current, power_today, gas_current and gas_today are created automagically


I have not heard any feedback on the usage of the new library so I am guessing no news are good news right? How does the log look like for you first adopters? Does the refresh of the session happen properly and do you get spam on your logs from anything? @boltgolt any chance you had time to look at the latest update I did on the library that adds the agreement id as an optional argument on the initialization of the object to implement on ToonHA? What is your plan on pushing this to the main line?


No big issues here, it does print a very large error message when it cant reach eneco anymore (my internet connection tends to randomly fail every once in a while) but i guess that’s to be expected. I’ve tracked the agreement issue but haven’t had a chance to do anything with it, it shouldn’t affect this component directly, right?

I hope i have a little more time on my hands next week, if no big issues show up i’d like to merge it into the main hass repo. This would be a breaking change, so it needs extra info in the PR and updated docs.


Hi @boltgolt. The change in the library would be nice to be incorporated in the component so people with multiple agreements (multiple houses on the same contact) can set up each individual contact. For example an optional agreement_id argument could be supported by the component and passed to the instantiation of the library. Hope this makes sense. I am also very very busy but hoping that things will settle down in a couple of weeks or so.


I’m not sure how this can be implemented. Is the agreement ID visible on the Toon unit or app? There really isn’t any easy way to list the IDs in hass.


I got the same feedback from the person that requested the feature and you are both right. I will refactor the feature to work with the display_common_name which is unique and visible from the toon app and Toon itself. I hope to be able to do it this afternoon, if not definitely some afternoon this week.


version 2 implements the same logic but exposing the display common name which can be found on the toon app and interface.


If only I had pushed the code while bumping… :frowning: Just pushed the code and bumped the version again. So it is now version 3 that implements the display_common_name. Please let me know if you need any help implementing this @boltgolt.


I saw the completely empty 2.0.0 push and wondered what was up with that, happens to the best of them. I’ll try to get to implementing it as soon as i have time.


Hi @boltgolt, do you have any objection on me merging ?


Sorry, completely missed than mention. MR looks good. I’ve finally started on migrating to 3.0.0 yesterday, making some progress.


Hi, Just registrated here because i want to step over from domoticz to house assistant.
The only thing is for me the tone from Eneco.
I canceled the subscrision from eneco because in domoticz you can use the toon without eneco with a hacked toon.
I have a hacked toon and in domoticz it is working.
Now i want to step over to home assistant and this is one of the things what is importand to me.
So i want to know if sombody is busy with this stuff.


I think @rdnzl has been working on that at