Toon van Eneco custom component


Nevermind… Read 2 posts back.

Is there anyone that can do this for me? From the Netherlands of course :grinning:


I’ll send you a PM.


Me too please


finally! I bought a rooted toon from terrorsource:grinning:. Way more fun!


Might be interesting for all here: ING is hosting a home assistant meetup in Amsterdam. I’ll be there.


Thanks for the heads up, me too!


I need some help.
I want to arm my alarm at sunset (trigger) when my toon set on ‘eco’ (condition).

I can’t get it to work!

This is what i have to test:

- alias: Test
  hide_entity: true  
    platform: state
    entity_id: light.voorraadkast
    to: 'on'
    - condition: state
      entity_id: climate.toon_van_eneco
      state: 'eco' 
    - service: homeassistant.turn_on
      entity_id: switch.schutting

Please help!


I don’t think Eco is a mode Toon knows. It only knows Home, Comfort Sleep and Away.
Or do you have a new toon that has Eco mode?


Because of standardization of mode naming between all climate devices in Home Assistant we translate the modes the Toon offers to those predefined modes. Eco would be the mode for “Away” in this case.

I haven’t done an automation in a while, bit shouldn’t state be operation_mode in this case?


I have this as a scene:

  - name: Toon Weg
          operation_mode: eco

This can be set in HASS:

I’ll will try to change state te operation_mode.



Operation_mode is not allowed in condition!


I fixed it.
I had to use away. I already tried it but it is case sensitive.



Anyone tried the custom component for a rooted Toon with Google Home? It’s showing up as a thermostat in the app, I can see the current measured room temperature, but can’t set the temperature. The app keeps saying ‘loading’ and GH says ‘this is currently not available for Toon’


For the built-in Toon component there was an issue regarding the state. This issue is already fixed: Will be in the next release i think. Maybe the custom component has the same issue?


Unfortunately, that’s above my skills. Thanks for the mention though, will try to play around with it.


Is it posible to read the laag tarief and hoog tarief of a rooted toon ?
I want to use it as a sensor for more automations


This morning HomeAssistant was unavailable, I couldn’t load the screen in the browser. I could however log into Hassio through SSH and the logs were overflowing with massages that authentication with Toon was failing. Turns out: Toon lost connection to the WiFi and the component went haywire resulting in HA not working anymore. When I reconnected Toon everything started to work again.

Is this a (known) bug? I’m not at home right now so I can’t post any logs, will do later. But I wanted to mention this here before I forget to do it later :wink: #slowdayatwork


Still having a problem with the component, although I reconnected Toon to the wifi and it’s still working properly. For some reason my logs are spammed with

"Detected a timeout. Re-authenticating and retrying request."

It does this every minute or so. The component seems to be working fine since I can control it from the HA interface, still it’s throwing this error.

Anyone here who has any idea what I can do about this? It seems to be affecting the HA performance so I’d like to fix it. Thx a lot!


Those lines indicate that the Eneco servers are returning a 500 error, something that the component can’t do anything about. As a temporary solution the component will try to log in and out to see if that fixes the problem (which it does 9/10 times). A relog every minute is a lot though, and might get you blocked. Maybe try disabling the toon component for a day or so and hope the 500 error fixes itself?


That makes sencs and sounds reasonable, I’ll try this and post the results. Thanks!