Tosee app and video doorbell wifi

Any update on the Tosee plus being added? I’ve got a camera that only works via that app and would like to add it to my dashboard if possible. :crossed_fingers:

I bought one of these a while back badged Asecam works with the tuya app

seems pretty much locked down ports wise scanned with nmap nothing in HA tuya integration either would love to get a non cloud stream from it

I have the same thing, I just run the rtsp command and magically I could connect with the homonym protocol.

  1. the camera was active with the propertary protocol with the tosee app
  2. after closing the app the camera goes to sleep and the CPU is halted
  3. opening the app again the cpu resumes but it start a new boot and the rtsp command is lost

now the question is: how does the app wake up the cpu? I suspect there is a wifi microcontroller which answer to some kind of magic packet
how could I put rtsp in the autostart? any expert in Huawei LiteOS could help?

Another vote for tosee integration. My version does not support Tuya.

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some news?
front of the board after opening


Any updates?


@tiimsvk bottom right there seem to be a UART there, try to connect a dongle and update to OpenIPC, you should then be able to connect to the streams

I’ll try on an acestor of a PST-LB208 that has HI3518EV200 with 16Mb NOR ROM I own as soon as I find some time…