TotalConnect Integration with Z-Wave Door Lock

I have a Honeywell Pro Series alarm panel with a Z-Wave door lock connected to it. I can control the lock from my panel, and from the TotalConnect 2.0 iOS app.

I have the TotalConnect Home Assistant integration configured, and I’m able to arm/disarm the alarm, see sensor status, etc. from Home Assistant, but I’m not seeing the Z-Wave door lock in my list of Home Assistant entities for the TotalConnect device integration.

The Home Assistant user I created for Total Connect has access to the Z-Wave door lock device, and I’ve confirmed this by logging into the TotalConnect iOS app as the Home Assistant user.

I’m just curious if I’m doing something wrong or if the TotalConnect integration just doesn’t support Z-Wave devices connected to alarm panels.


The Total Connect integration does not support locks. I believe the Categories panel on the right side of the docs page shows which platforms (kinds of entities) are supported, so it only includes support for Alarm and Binary Sensors platforms.

The integration source code also shows no lock implementation.

Well there you go! Thank you @freshcoast for clearing that up for me, and for pointing me in the right direction for how to figure this type of question out for other integrations in the future.

I may have to take it upon myself to figure out how to add Z-Wave device support to the TotalConnect integration so I can have this feature in my Home Assistant.