TP-Link Bulb Transitions

Hi all,

I recently acquired a few TP-Link Wi-Fi bulbs and have got them connected and working well with Home Assistant, but have discovered that the Transition attribute does not seem to work. Does anyone know if this is a limitation of the bulb or of the HA integration? I’ve done some scouring on the web but haven’t found much on the topic.



I’ve had the same problem for months now as well, still can’t figure out why it won’t work like with Hue and the like.

For now, I just trigger light transitions with a crude script that increases/decreases brightness by x percent every y seconds, but it’s really not ideal.

I know I am resurrecting an almost year old thread, but I too scoured the web and this is the only place it led me. Transition time does not seem to pass through to the TP-Link bulbs for me either, and I was wondering if you had had any success?

Unfortunately I never did. I’ve actually moved to LIFX bulbs as an alternative. They offer a lot more functionality and transitions are supported.