TP-Link Deco M5, no internet no local connection thru ethernet port

Same here. mar 2021, up to date firmware.
Will it be addressed in future firmare versions?

Hi, here is the Forum post on the TP-Link community about the same issue:

July/21 and Still With no solution

Mid September 2021 and still no solution.

I don’t think there will be a full solution anytime soon. However, I contacted TP-Link support directly and they sent me a debug firmware and configured my Decos in such way that even without internet, my lan connection will still work. You could try contacting them.

I have a workaround here which I recently had the same problem. The only thing I tried is to switch cables between ethernet ports. Seems it helps with auto sensing.

I never like to use debug firmwares. When applying the setting, I want to learn whether the change is persistent against the firmware upgrades, or each time should I apply debug firmware?