Tracking uefa soccer games etc

is there any integration or something like that to track information about football matches, e.g.: UEFA EURO 2020 in ha? such as


Lol i actually had this idea yesterday. Since the european football championship is starting, I searched for an API that can provide live/real time info or some kind of RSS feed with the game stats. And once my country managed to score, turn lights green and disco a bit lol to enjoy this experience even more.

My wife is a true fanatic and would go insane hahah. I haven’t managed to find a reliable source that I can reach out to for stats. One was paid through rapidapi, this is some platform where people can “rent out” their API on a subscription fee contract. Costs a lot and the one i found wasnt reachable. No documentation, so wouldnt know which data to pull.

I hope someone here has a brilliant idea which I can implement asap hahahah!

I’ve added a calendar with the dates of the games to my google calendar and then I created some template sensors with the relevant informations.
So at least I know when the next game is starting.

But a feed with the live information would be really great.

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Here’s a quick hack I’m using to have a sensor that just shows the latest post from which is a german twitter account for UEFA soccer stats.

  - platform: scrape
    name: rss_feed_sportschau_live
    select: "title"
    index: 2
    scan_interval: 120

As you can see I’m using nitter which is an alternative twitter web client supporting ATOM feeds.

Not super-elegant but gives me something like that:

That would be a good job for the team tracker integration which can be found in hacs. It uses the ESPN API to get information.

UEFA European championship is a custom league, team should be a “*” and as sport path “soccer” and league path is “uefa.euro”.

The tracker card goes good with this integration. I have two tracker set up, one with the next game using the settings above and another with the next game of the German team. Just replace the “*” from above with the id used by ESPN which is “481”