Tradfri and google home?


Does anyone know if it is possible to have a tradfri gateway paired with google home as well as home assistant at the same time ?

Im running Home Assistant connected with my Philips Hue bridge and Google Home. I even have some Tradfri lights connected with my Hue bridge in Home Assistant.

To make it complete you can also buy a CC2531. That recognizes everything. From Xiaomi, Hue to Tradfri

Ok, actually my setup would be a bit different than yours. Because the server I run Home assistant on is not 100% stable, so I do not want to depend on it to operate my lights. So right now I have a tradfri gateway paired with my google home mini, and then I would like to also pair the gateway with Home assistant so I can control it via my Home mini as well as Home assistant. That way, whenever my Home assistant server is down, I can still control the lights via my google home mini. I hope it makes sence.

my setup. can confirm this works fine (though the linking sometimes is a bit flakey)
have Hue, Trader and Hassio setup in Google Home.

All my lights are also in Hassio, but I don’t expose them in the Hassio integration to Google Home, which talks directly to the light Hubs.

Thanks Marius, that sounds good I will give it a try.

That will work without problems :smile:
What are you using to run Home Assistant?

I run hassio in docker with Ubuntu server on an old Lenovo S10 laptop which is connected via WiFi. Not the most stable solution, but it works most of the time.