Tradfri Hub replacement

i would like to ask you for your help and recommendations.
A ethernet or wifi based external hub to control Ikea and other zigbee devices.

Right now i do have an ikea hub and with the reload service it does what it should.
But the outlets are really bulky and i thought maybe replace them with something which can measure power as well. Best based on zigbee.

So is there hub on the market which i could use to control ikea and other brands in one device?
It should be external maybe with an ethernet port as by NAS where HA runs on Docker is in the cellar.

thank you very much!
Cheers A


thank you Francis!
both out of stock… looks like i have to wait for Christmas then :slight_smile:

Seems hard to get these devices.

Would this one work as well?

Offers LAN, Zigbee and Zwave in one.
Running open WRT

No idea if that is supported by Home Assistant

seems to support zigbee2mqtt but as you wrote i am not sure either…