Trådfri motion sensor 3 min workaround

New to the whole home automation thing and I’m having real fun with it.
I bought in to the Ikea eco-system and realised that I want to do some more advanced tinkering with my stuff. Will be needing a Conbee 2 in the future. Anyways to the question.

I have 5 GU10, trådfri spotlights in my bathroom. Annoyed by the 3 minute delay (and lots of waving) i paired my motion sensor to 1 of my lights. When its state changes to ‘on’, the 4 other lights are turned on with a 15 minute timer. It all consists of an automation and 3 seperate scripts, more spread out than I’d like and not functioning 100% correct. I am using the GUI editor, just for simplicity if i want to tinker from the couch (iPhone, iPad)

What i want is…
When light.fv changes state to ‘on’. i want light.fh,,, to all turn on. After a delay of 15 minutes i want to check the status of light.fv.
If light.fv = on
** then reset timer (15 min)**
** then turn off lights**

I have a installation running of a Linux VM in unraid, latest installation

I don’t understand your approach. Why do you need the timer for the other 4 lights? You want the lights on for exactly 15 minutes or you want to turn them off when there is no motion? It’s not clear.

Thanks for your response. Let me explain a bit further…

The new Ikea trådfri motion sensor is locked at 3 minutes which means i have to circumvent the limitations by using one lamp as an extension of the sensor. It is also not connected to the gateway, only directly to the lights. Making customization impossible.

Thats why i want to use this lamp as a trigger for the others, and put them on a 15 minute timer to be able to shower longer then 3 min. However if im still in the room and the motion sensor connected light Is still on, the others are switched off after 15 min per the timer. Leaving me with 1/5 lights on. Thats why i want to reset the timer if light.fv is still on.

i just used node red, set a timer after i get an on signal, then turn off after that, pretty simple, i ignore the off signal