Tradfri Remote Options

I’ve acquired a tradfri remote and bulb (didn’t particularly want them, came free with a lamp I bought on ebay). I played about with the remote before swapping the bulb out for a Kasa one and quite like it, and like the idea of using it as a remote to control automations around the house.

I think i’ve got two options if I wanted to use this with my Home Assistant - either buy a Conbee II zigbee adapter for my raspberry pi, or buy an ikea tradfri gateway.

The latter option is cheaper - and I suspect easier to set up - but is there a difference in functionality? I’d like to be able to call different automations based what buttons are pressed on the remote. Is each different button on the remote visible to HA when used this way?

The Tradfri integration documentation is a bit short on detail, and only mentions lights - does that mean only lights work?

YOu also could take a cc2531 they are a lot cheaper abd work well with zigbee2mqtt addon

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I have the conbee II adapter to replace my tradfri hub in order to give me a lot more use out of my switches using the controller x add on from hacs.

I also found the tradfri hub would loose connection with my lights regularly needing me to fight with the lights to get that back to pair mode and then re-add them to the hub… this got really bad… swapped to the conbee and I’ve never had to reset anything in about 2 years…

With the controller x add on I have a tradfri remote for my media player to scroll through Internet radio stations, set volume, and toggle lights (one remote) other remotes control my computer monitor/set the lights for video calls etc… its really easy to use and useful…

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