Traditional Raspian CLI in HASSIO?


So I’ve really wanted to migrate to hassio for a while but I kind of have a problem. I am currently using an elro HE853 USB dongle to control my lights, which I control via a CLI library. My lights in HA are using bash commands to turn them on and off, which works great. Now I’m trying to migrate to HASSIO but the one problem I have is that I can’t seem to find a way to easily replicate my current set-up. Does anyone know of an easy way to create a traditional linux cli environment in hassio which can interact with HA via the shell_command component?

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Hello there!

My tellstick usb just died and I was looking at the 433 mhz HE853 USB as replacement…

Were you able to integrate it into homeassistant?

Is it working well with generic 433mhz plugs?

@ltpitt It works great with HA. I used a control library I found on Github . To link it up with HA I created template lights which execute bash commands when turned on and off. The only thing is the reliability of the 433Mhz protocol. I’m currently thinking of migrating away from 433 to Sonoff. Also I only use Home Easy devices with the HE853 so I can’t judge the functionality with generic devices, but as long as those devices have a learning mode I think it would work.

Hi @BLX-S, how did you integrate the library in HASSIO? Did you build it inside HASSIO with make? Do you use the he853 CLI Binary directly in HASSIO? Is the USB stick accessible in HASSIO?