Transfer file from pi 4 running HassOS to another machine within local network?

I have a pi 4 running HassOS, and a Mac mini which connect to a same wifi network. I want to transfer an image from pi 4 ( specially the image got from pi cam ) to the Mac for further image processing.

I tried using opencv imread(url) with url is "file://ip-address-of-pi/config/... /image.jpg" but it didn’t work. However if I click on this url, the image show up.

Is there any way to transfer this file from pi to the mac, or how could the mac access a file on this pi?


Have you installed “Samba share” from the Home Assistant Add-ons store ?


Yes, i can access this folder and the file from my PC. Event when I click on the url in my code, the picture show up.

Look like you are trying to get python to get access to the file, I’m not good at coding, but the path doesn’t look correct.

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It has an ip address before the \config, I think python just filter them out for easier to view