Translation Error: The intl string context variable "naam"

When trying to upgrade from core-2021.3.0 to core-2021.3.2 I am getting below error message. When I just click [ Update ] to continue it drops out with another error message, sorry I not have a screenshot. But somehow it seems the update is running just fine, as the Rpi does reboot after a while without further notice and then shows the new version in the Superviser. Second to that, in the Supervisor I notice similar missing translations.
Therefore IMHO it looks like a translation is broken here. Using a Dutch version btw.

And yes, we are from The Netherlands, we live in Holland and we speak Dutch.
Just to record the complete confusion here :rofl:


Same here in Belgium. Have it in quite a lot of places.

I’m sure there‘s a way to contribute to translation.

Same here…
Indeed in a lot of places got this error…

Just started with this home assistent and i love it.
But… same translation problem here in this part of Holland :grin:

Same here, is there already a solution?

For now, I switched to English, which works fine for me

Solution for what problem, a missing translation?

Same here in Holland, no problem when i switch to English.

Also same problem here. Will switch to English for now

Same problem here. Hope for a solution soon.

Same here…

Same here,
I think someone on the backend of home assistant has forgotten to declare the variable “naam” or has translated the variable “name” on the backend instead of the frontend.


Same here, switched to English for the time being. It’s annoying to see this error :wink:

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Same issue, seems like Dutch parameter “naam” is not completely working.

"Translation Error: The intl string context variable “naam” was not provided to the string “Bijwerken van {naam} naar versie {versie}”

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Same issue here.

I am new to the hassio community, so correct me if I’m wrong. But shouldn’t we report the issue on the Supervisor issue tracker on Github??
As far as I understand the instructions on reporting a bug, this forum is more for asking help with config and not for reporting bugs.

Strange thing is, that it happens here as well with version core-2021.2.3.

You are right, luckily someone already reported this one :slight_smile:

This problem still exists:
“Translation Error: The intl string context variable “naam” was not provided to the string “Back-up maken van {naam}””

Does anyone know when the fix will be implemented?