Trigger an automation with anothet automation

Hi Folks,

I want to Trigger an automation with an Action of another automation.
When I.use The Action Method to Trigger an automation, The triggered Automation won’t Check The condirions.

Thanks for help

Use a script, not an automation, for things like this. Triggered automations ignore conditions and just run the actions.

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Does this second automation not always need to run? If it’s always going to run, why not combine them? Even if not, thinking combining may be easier.

I’d recommend posting what you have so we can see what you’re trying to do.

If you are using the automation.trigger service, you can specify in the service data to not skip the condition block:

  - service: automation.trigger
      skip_condition: false

Another option is to add an event trigger to the automation being fired and raise the event as a service call in the initiating automation. This method is bit easier to trace if you run into issues down the line.

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It does work, but it with or without checking condition, it remains confusing. It is what scripts are for: to have sequences of actions that can be called in multiple ways. When you look at the automation months later, do you realize that it can be run without any of the triggers actually firing?

The event trigger mentioned is better because it makes it explicit. But scripts remain my favorite, especially for all things I might also want to call using voice or by hand.


Why does one automation have to trigger another? Isn’t there an entity (maybe changed by the first automation) to do it?

Scripts also have the advantage that they can be used by several different automations.