Trigger automation from automation not working as expected, how to add trigger ID in cascading automations

So I have an automation that triggers an other automation, but the second automation does not do anything, since I dont have a “default” action and all actions are options based on trigger ID.

It basically is an automation to switch off the printer with its high standby consumption, noise and ozone pollution when my worker that uses it goes home. but it must not be switched off while the worker is still there, even if printer is in standby and not used.
So basically I activate the work place ahead of time to give ample time to charge mouse or what ever is plugged in, wait for the consumption to indicate worker has arrived and switched her computer on, then start the printer. then I have to monitor the consumption until the computer has been shut down for more than 10 minutes to prevent a cycle during a reboot (windows lol), then I shut down the workplace, and trigger the printers automation.

but my printer shutoff never triggers.

So how do I get a trigger ID to a trigger of an automation, I tried this, but will it give me the option to have an other option in the second automation to handle the “gone” condition accordingly? because, when I started this, I never thought about, that the printer might still be printing an other print job from an other computer, so it cant be switched off hard, there must be a time of bellow threshold consumption before it can be switched off hard.

service: automation.trigger
  skip_condition: true
  id: "gone"
    - automation.autostart_printer

The second automations should check if the printer is in standby (power below 25 watts) and if so switch it off, otherwise wait and switch off when is bellow 25w.

Don’t trigger automations like that. Things happening should trigger automations - for instance you could fire an event and use that in a trigger.

However, we really need to see both automations to help you fully.