Trigger "From" conditions - OR or AND

Good day all

- alias: "Disarm"
    - platform: state
        - sensor.alarm_status
      - "Armed"
      - "Away Armed"
      - "Stay Armed"
      to: "Disarmed"

Is the “from:” list, is the condition processed as OR or AND?
The above does not work for me - if I only have one value in the list, it triggers, but not if I have a list.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

It is or logic. It is also case sensitive.

Check the actual states of your sensor in Developer Tools > States.

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Thank you - I did check it and it is correct - however I suspect there might be another “from” value (eg. UNDEF that might happen that I’m not capturing - will do some more investigation. :slight_smile:

If all you care about is changing to “Disarmed” then leave out the from: option.

I did that, but I get some false “Disarmed” messages - I’m now busy debugging to see if there is an undef value happening

The state does change to UNDEF :roll_eyes: Will have to check why. Thank you for your assistance. :slight_smile: