Triggering Broadlink Scenes

Is there a way to get Broadlink ‘My Scenes’ to trigger in HA without needing coding experience?


I need this since I can’t integrate some RF devices in HA.

Such as? ?

Ok, I managed to get a Broadlink scene to work using HA.

My Broadlink scene turns the Aircon, TV and Amp off.

I created a Tuya virtual switch on their IoT site and this is turned on using a Hue dimmer button configured in HA Automations.
Next I created a Google Home routine that uses the virtual switch as the trigger (seems only ‘Household’ Routines let you use devices as a trigger)
GH then fires the Broadlink scene when it sees the virtual switch come on. The automation then turns the virtual switch back off.

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Thanks man, this fixed my problem.

Initially, I was creating a virtual switch in HA and trying to use it in Alexa, it was getting HA update, but for some reason, the routines never triggered, and when I tried this method, these virtual devices didn’t appear in the trigger list for some reason.

I end up doing it with Google Home, and it worked perfectly.

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