Trouble finding the /components/ folder for frontend development

Because I wanted to edit some of the UI of home-assistant by changing the css, I looked into the Frontend Development documentation. I currently use some user style script to override my current css, but since that’s only client based, it’s not the best way to do it. So I triend digging into the Frontend Development documentation but when trying to do the required steps and setting up the development environment, I found out there is no /components/ folder on my rPi.

Any idea’s on what I should or could do (I might be skipping any steps)?

You have to start by checking out the home-assistant project from github. Start here:

This is what I did, and what I’ve been trying the past few days. Tho nothing I try seems to work. Which steps should I be following to be able to customize the frontend?

What steps did you follow? If you cloned the home-assistant github repo, there’s definitely a components folder. /homeassistant/components

Did you install hass through all-in-one code? Or using hassbian system directly?