Trouble logging in

I have not setup NGINX in a working config yet. I was trying to get there. I do have nabu kasa sign-in setup. However, by mistake, on my homeassistant configuration>cloud page I signed out. Now I cannot login to fix the issue and continue with setting up NGINX using the local screen.

When I try to log in to HTTP://homeassistant.local:8123 I get a screen advising: “Unable to connect to Home Assistant.\n Retry” – this is what I thought I would correct by using NGINX.

I can ssh into homeassistant. Is there a way to correct this issue via the ha command line interface? Or does someone have another method of undoing my silliness here. Perhaps there is a way to use the command line to sign in to cloud? Or is there a way to enable NGINX properly from the command line interface so I can gain access to the web interface again?

Thank you!


I resolved this issue by using the following

  1. using the ssh based command line access to put a buggy line into /config/configuration.yaml
  2. rebooting to safe mode using the ssh based ‘ha core restart’ command
  3. accessing my safe mode ‘http://homeassistant.local:8123/’ UI
  4. sign-in back into nabu kasa via the configuration>cloud screen
  5. rebooting the core again

Back in business!