Trouble Using NFC Tags, HA says 'never scanned'

I’ve been trying to add some NFC tags to Home Assistant, so that I can trigger automations with them.

I’ve been adding them through Settings > Tags in the Home Assistant Android app.

I press the “Add Tag” button, give it a name, then press create and write. That seems to work fine.

However, when I go back and scan the tag, nothing seems to happen. Under the name of the tag is says “never scanned”. There’s no entry for them in the log book either.

I’ve tried adding an automation to the tag, using the robot button on the tag screen. Nothing complicated just turning on a light, but still nothing happens.

When I scan the tag, my phone buzzes and it prompts me to choose which app to read the tag with, so I choose Home Assistant ‘Processing Tag’. But then nothing happens.

I’ve also seen under Settings > Companion App, there is another way of reading and writing NFC tags. I’ve tried this too with no luck. I don’t understand truly what the difference is or why it’s there.

Can anyone shed any light on where I might be going wrong? I haven’t added NFC tags before.

Thanks for your help.


I have it working now.

Removed the Home Assistant Android app, didn’t seem to remove properly, didn’t prompt me to log back in when I reinstalled.

Cleared the cache and data, reopened the app and logged back in and then it worked first time.

Hope this saves someone else some time one day.


Thanks!!! I went crazy all day with the exact same issue. I tried now to delete all cache and data of Home Assistant mobile app and now works great! :slight_smile:

Yep, this worked for me as well. These tags used to work great for me, have been really confused why they broke. Thanks for posting your workaround!

Worked for me as well, tnx!