Trouble with Google WiFi and IFTTT

I’m trying to improve my presence detection by adding a sensor that checks my phone to see if it’s connected to my Google WiFi. I used these instructions to set up IFTTT with HA and Google WiFi. I checked that My IFTTT Google WiFi channel was connected per these instructions. But I still can’t get it to work.

I set-up a separate applet in IFTTT to email me when my phone connects to WiFi to test the Google WiFi->IFTTT connection. That applet also did not work, so my issue must be between Google WiFi and IFTTT.

Has anyone successfully set this up? Any guesses why this isn’t working for me?

I had it working but somewhere mid december, it stopped out of the blue.
I can confirm that the basis doesn’t seem to work

  • IFTTT google wifi is configure ok (I get the list in IFTTT of the devices connected to my Google wifi)
  • No activity happens in my appelts in IFTTT when I connect/disconnect wifi (so the problem seems to be here)
  • In Nabu Casa config (I have a paid version in HA) - the IFTTT url key change mysteriously by itself…
  • Even we new key - nothing happens.

Im also trying to figure this out… I never get a message that the applet in ifttt has run so the problem is there somewhere…