Trouble with mqtt Discovery

Hey I’m having some troubles with mqtt discovery. I’m using the official Mosquitto broker add on, and using the mqtt integration for discovery.

On one hand, I’m using IoTLink, and it’s working fine, but I have two components for each sensor. The non numbered one seems to not update sometimes and the #2 one doesn’t always have the correct measurement. the mqtt stream seems to only be sending the data once, so I’m not sure why there are two. And I cannot delete either of the actual entities.

On the other hand, I’m trying to get an unraid api mqtt stream going, but discovery doesn’t seem to see it. When I start the docker in unraid, the mqtt stream sends a bunch of inputs like this:

unraid/binary_sensor/server/config {"payload_on":true,"payload_off":false,"value_template":"{{ value_json.on }}","state_topic":"unraid/server","json_attributes_topic":"unraid/server","name":"server_server","unique_id":"server unraid api server","device":{"identifiers":["server"],"name":server_server","manufacturer":"ASRock B450M Pro4","model":"Unraid Server"}}