Troubles with HA and ZwaveJS2Mqtt on Unraid

Look at /dev/serial/by-id/ if it is listed there. That’s how I pass my zwave and zigbee sticks to docker/VM.

Hi @snowboardjoe,
I use also Unraid but my Home Assistant is currently running in a VM.
Now I want to switch to Docker step by step.
So Home Assistant is running in a VM and ZWave JS UI in Docker.
But I can not connect the ZWave JS WS Server in Home Assistant.
I get the message “Failed to connect”.
I dont really know what is wrong with my setup…

Can you please show me your settings.js file?
Maybe some of my settings are wrong?

I am actually curious what’s behind the desire to run ZwaveJS in a docker, especially if you already run HA in VM? I would understand if you used HA in docker. Just asking…

As I wrote in my previous post, I am currently switching from VM to Docker.
So to avoid breaking my complete Home Assistent setup I try to move each addon step by step to docker. The last step would be to backup my Home Assistant VM configuration and then restore it in a Home Assistant Docker Container.

The main reason why I do this is that it should be more power efficient than a VM.
An maybe also just for fun I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally I could solve this problem.
Apparently the Z-Wave Integration can not handle IP addresses.
If I use the URL “ws://” then it doesnt work.
But if I use “ws://localhost:3000” or “ws://myserver.local:3000” it is working.