Trusted User on Trusted Network on Guest Network

Hello friends, I looked through the topics and didn’t find anything relevant/answered.

I’m having issues with networking and auth; specifically, I set up a trusted network auth method for a user on my guest network, and allowed a user via trusted users, and my haos instance is reachable from the guest network, but I’ve had no luck in logging in. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe relevant: the user ID is that of a user not a person. Also, I allowed non-local login (though I’d prefer not to, not sure if that’s possible though).

Below, I replaced the same number (guest network subnet third part) with AB and truncated the user ID (principle of least privilege and all).

    - type: homeassistant
    - type: trusted_networks
        - 192.168.AB.0/24
        192.168.AB.0/24: 7ed6...0357