Trusting the Chinese eBay relays with a 400w panel heater?

I’ve got loads of “Chinese” 5v relay boards which I happily use to switch bells and lighting - but I’m not sure I’d want to trust them for heaters…however, I do have two heaters which are 400w panel heaters - is the consensus that such low wattage heaters without (presumably) any initial inductive sparking like with a fan heater should be OK? Not my area of expertise this really.


The relay pictured will eat that load and not even burp.
They would be fine with a 2kW load at 60° (depending on your voltage)
The only inductive load on a fan heater is the motor, and that should be a small fraction of the whole load.

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Thanks @Mutt - your confidence in them is good enough for me. I had heard rumours the Chinese sometimes misrepresent the true capabilities of such things.