TRV adapter to old KWC valves


I would like to extend the automation of our home to the radiators. The old dumb valves are KWC with ‘interior’ screws, all the adapters I got with my SONOFF TRV expect an ‘exterior’ screw.
How can I find an adapter that turns an ‘innie’ to an outie?

I’m attaching a few fotos to show setup and sizes.

thanks a lot!

Are you sure that female is part of the valve body and not removable?

I’ve tried unscrewing it and was greeted by a hissing noise and sprays of water. I didn’t continue in my investigation :slight_smile:

you can try with clamp adapter.
M30 MALE x 3/8 " BSP MALE fitting would work also, but you need to extend valve pusher quite a lot

That sounds like a workable idea.
Would you have a link to an example?

Clamp adapter or M30 fitting?
You should have some clamps on your TRV kit…?

There are adapters with the TRV, they are all of the screw type and expect an ‘outie’ valve.

I understood the clamp to be similar to the one that’s on the existing dumb thermostat, that goes around my ‘innie’ pusher valve (just stinging words together…)

I understood your tip that there is a clamp that goes over this ‘innie’ with a outward facing m30 screw and some rod inside that connects the pusher from the TRV to the pusher of the valve on the radiator. While I can picture this in my head, a link would be helpful so I know what hitwords I have to look for.

Thread fitting would be like this

For clamp google:
Adapter smart radiator valve