Tryign to decide what to do

I am coming from Hubitat. It has worked pretty well for the past couple of years. I have HA setup on an old PC and it appears to be working fine. I have a zWave/Zigbee usb stick from a Hubitat working with my HA. I have several switches/ sensors connected to the Hubitat and then integrated to the HA. Given the immense expertise here at HA community, Would it make sense to migrate everything to HA or leave the ZWave and Zigbee on Hubitat. The factor that weighs in here is that the Hubitat is small and easily fits in a space the the PC will not. IE: on a shelf in a hallway versus in the basement where the PC is located. The hallway is centrally located where the basement is not so much. The Hubitat is a C7 and has enough power to handle the radios. So what would you do in my dilemna??