Trying to cast Lovelace to Google Nest Hub. Ends with error "Not the same HA instance"

Hi, I am trying to cast my Lovelace dashboard to a Google Nest Hub. And run in to an error. Hope someone has a good idea!

I go to and enter my url.
Then I log in to my HA. and select the appropriate google nest hub. Then the Google Nest Hub indicates that it is connected. And I get an overview of my HA Views. When I click one of my views it gives an Error on the Google Nest hubs Display “Error: Cannot show Lovelace because we’re not connected to the same Home Assistant instance.”. it’s a bit strange because I do see my own HA views on de cast webpage it looks like the same instance. Maybe i have to contect Nubu Casa for this problem?

I have exactly the same problem. Trying to debug it but I’m not getting very far. I’ll post an update if I get anywhere.

I had the same problem, I solved it by configuring the “external_url:” variable in my “configuration.yaml”. This is because HA Cast requires “https” and the cast integration will cast from the “external_url” variable if configured.

For example in “configuration.yaml”:

         external_url: ""

See first note on this page: Google Cast - Home Assistant

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Are you also using Home Assistant Cloud? And does this also go wrong when selecting the view?

Thx Adrian, I already tried that but it didn’t work for me. I use Home Assistant Cloud so I shouldn’t need it in my configuration.yaml. Still I have tried your option with the cloud address https://***********
The strange thing is that it does connect. but when selecting the view. the message appears.

Okay, have you tried the method of casting the dashboard by using a script instead?

This video tutorial might help you: Use Google Displays with Home Assistant 2022 Update - YouTube

You are the best @Softaren it works!! :hugs: verry simple and even beter option to do it with a script!

Works perfectly for me too. Thanks @Softaren

I used this method but almost all of my dashboards are coming back blank. Just a black screen.
I tried creating a new view with only one card and it worked but the rest come back empty. Any ideas?

hi, one question:
Is it important to be a nabu casa subscriber?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, but no it is not necessary to be a Nabu Casa subscriber.