Trying to delete MFA

Hi, I finally got my password sorted but now I can’t get in because I no longer have access to the phone that had authentication set up. I am completely OK with resetting the onboarding process but I have no idea how to get into the .storage folder to delete the things required to reset the onboarding process. I have keyboard and monitor attached, and am in the “ha” command system, but none of the commands look like what I need and I don’t speak this language very well… I have noticed I can’t just “cd” into the folder… how does this work? is there a place I can go to read the basics so I can accomplish something tonight? thanks!

Start a new onboarding process

If you lose the password associated with the owner account and the steps above do not work to reset the password, the only way to resolve this is to delete all the authentication data. You do this by shutting down Home Assistant and deleting the following files from the .storage/ folder in your configuration folder:

  • auth
  • auth_provider.homeassistant
  • onboarding
  • hassio
  • cloud

(from here: I'm Locked Out! - Home Assistant)