Trying to get android debug bridge container working with docker HA

Its been a headache and a half and my last resort is posting on here hoping that someone has this setup and can perhaps provide some assistance.

Im using the docker home assistant container and been wanting to use an adb (Android debug bridge) container to connect my android devices to use with the androidtv component. Im using the sorccu/adb from dockerhub. I can provide more info but here is a summary of what im dealing with.

When i pull the container and manually connect to my devices with the container console. HA is able to connect np after restart. Only issue is when the container restarts it doesnt remember the devices. My appdata gets backed up every night so, I tried editing the dockerfile and adding a script that would auto connect, however after doing this HA will not connect to it at all even though my android devices are connected. Here is some info of stuff i have setup

If you wish help, please define adb You will get more people willing to help that way.

Iā€™m referring to the android debug bridge


Hey @mkono87,

Any luck with this?
I am also in the same situation with HA in Docker,
Did not tried any ADB yet.