Trying to print 'TCP/IP' on OLED; but something wrong

Defined ‘text_sensor’, but it is something wrong with below string. I.e. ‘1073713132’ is printed, but should be ‘’.
Any advice what could be changed?
Or maybe it is simpler metod to have displayed TCP/IP on OLED?

  it.printf(56, 8, id(font12), "%1d", id(tcp_ip_address));


  - platform: template
    name: "TCP/IP Address"
    lambda: 'return {WiFi.localIP().toString().c_str()};'
    id: tcp_ip_address

O.K. Must be late (~23:20 here)…
Should be:

   it.printf(56, 8, id(font12), "%s", id(tcp_ip_address).state.c_str());