Trying to set up a notify based on people not home

Like the title says.
I can set up the notify part, what I wanted to do was notify myself if my shed door opens and I’m not home. So the state of the door would change to open, if that happens when I am -not home- -away- I’d like to get a notfication.
Something like:

binary_sensor.side_building_ias_zone = Closed (off)
person.sandman = not_home

  • service: notify.mobile_app_pixel_7_pro
    message: Side Buidling was opened
    title: Side building Door state

I just can not seem to get the hang of templates, but I’m smart enough to think that a template will be what I need.

Thanks for any input.

That should be easy:

  • Go to settings/automations
  • create a new automation and select to not use a template
  • in the trigger section add a device trigger, select your door sensor and select the door open condition
  • in the condition section add a state condition, select your person and not_home
  • and in the action section add your notification service

No templating or yaml editing is needed for this task.

Guess I was overthinking it. Thanks for pointing out the easier/obvious way to go. :slight_smile: