Tts: google platform issue


I have a strange issue when using google platform for text to speak.
When triggered, the text to speak engine stops speaking the text in the middle of a sentence.
The same sentence worked fine yesterday and the day before.
I empty the /tts directory (don’t know if it could help, but no change in the behaviour).

It sounds like it works for a while and then suddenly stop working for an unknown reason.

i’m running Homeassistant over Hassio, version 0.57.3 on a wired Raspberry PI 3. Internet is working fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for your help,



yeap it’s not 100% reliable. Sometimes the command goes but no text is spoken

Hi @anon35356645,

thank you for your confirmation.

Bad luck, if if’s not reliable, it’s simply not usable in my case …

I’ll try to figure out what is the origin of the issue. Does it come from the Google service or from home assistant or maybe the media_player itself (Sonos in my case) …

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Has anyone figured out why it is not reliable? I have the same issue and agree if it’s not reliable it’s worthless. Question - were you using a single device of multiple devices grouped together?