Tts: how to turn off SSL only for this component


How do I turn off SSL for only 1 component?

The tts documentation states: "setting a base_url for the tts service allows turning off SSL only for this component.).

I added this and tts updates the mp3 adress correctly to http (iso https). But that link does not load as only the https services works (sounds logic as there is no http server). So how do I turn off SSL for only this component?


Why you need ssl off?

Use Nginx to point to it on your http port.

Playing tts on of my systems (chromecast audio) now get a link served

They wont accept this due to the internal network hairpin on my router doesn’t work (from external it does). So I tried using the ip adres but then chromecast complains that the certificate isn’t valid.

I’m looking into your suggestion, thanks

Chromecast won’t use self made cert and requires https I believe.

Maybe a local dns server can be used to solve this? So instead of pulling wan IP dns resolves to your lan? Look into BIND