TTS morning and evening summaries/briefings not sending to speakers

Hi all. I’ve been looking for a way to send my living room Nest speaker daily TTS-based briefings that include weather forecast, UV warnings, Waze travel times, news briefs, integration errors, etc. I found a few examples on various media platforms; most of which seem revolve around similar code.

I’m trying to troubleshoot why the briefings aren’t running. The code itself syntactically doesn’t seem to be an issue. However, I’m struggling to understand something in the sequence syntax. Here is my code in one of the yaml files. I can’t figure out what to enter in “where:” and “when:”. I tried looking up the sequence syntax documentation, but there’s no mention these variables.

  - service: script.speech_engine
      where: 'living room'
      when: 'morning'
      speech_message: !include ../templates/speech/briefing.yaml
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