TTS Notifications in HA App doesnt work on samsung phones?


I am trying to use the TTS notification features as described here:

But it doesnt work, and I just noticed that its my two samsung phones (s20 + s8) that seems to fail.

Has anyone got it working on a samsung phone?

I am testing with Developer Tools => Services ==>notify.mobile_app_smgXXXX, and sending in:

message: “TTS”
title: “May the force be with you”

Which will play on my old sony tablet, but not on my android phones. I can see the message being received properly, and there is no “default” notification sound, but no TTS notification either?

Not sure if your solved your issue but for anyone else coming across the post in the future like I did when having issues with using the Text to Speech from the Home Assistant App today:

Try adding ttl: 0 and priority: high to the data field for the notification. Example as follows:

message: TTS 
title: Hello World                   
    ttl: 0            
    priority: high

Another example here: Critical notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs

Adding this allowed TTS notifications to play on my old Oneplus One when the app isn’t open or when the device was locked for more the 5 mins (aka, the app was set to sleep even though I allowed the app to run in the background).

And to answer a possible question the OP brought up, when sending a TTS notification there isn’t any default notification sound, just the TTS.