Tts with Alexa device (without Alexa Media Player integration). is it possible?

Hi there,

I have used custom integration ‘alexa media player’ to make tts to Alexa devices. It works, but recently I am experiencing frequent issues with ‘alexa media player’ integration.

On other hand, I’ve now suscbribed to Nabu Casa account.

Nabu casa account is working – I am able to expose some entinty from HA to Alexa and can control/see status in Alexa.

Just wondering if there is a way to make tts service work to use Alexa Echo devices utilizing nabu casa (without Alexa Media Player integration)?

thanks in adv.

Nabu Casa supports the Alexa Skill which links HA devices back into Alexa so you can control them from the Alexa App.
Alexa Media Player works in reverse giving HA access to Alexa devices, including TTS from HA commands/scripts/automations to an Echo device.

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