Turning frient smoke detectors off after smoke detection

Hey there
I got a few Frient Smoke Detectors.
So far they work great and after smoke detection - HomeAssistant Spams me with telegram messages (every 10 secs until I hit the ok Button), in addition to this every 40 secs my cars horn is honking (to wake me up at night time).
Its fkin amazing :o)

But im wondering if its posible to turn the siren of those guys off after they detected smoke?
Is there any way to achieve this, so that I can mute them with a button press or sth else?
I tried to manually turn on the siren and off but this didnt work.


I don’t know the answer to your question, but which integration do you use?

I’m interested in getting Frient smoke detector as well and I like the ZigBee, but no idea how to control it using HA.

Sorry for this way too late response. Didn’t realize there is an answer to my post :o)

I integrated these smoke detectors using ZHA.