Tuya and Smart Life accounts/devices

I am relativly new to HA , with a (older) NUC as host and not able to find an answer to this one : I am trying to import devices from tuya AND Smart Life .

  • Firt I created a project in Tuya IoT Platform and then I import all Tuya deviced to HA . Its working perfectly fine for several months now .
    Then I install some devices that they only work with Smart Life app - There are simply refuse to work with tuya app . So I am also trying to import those to HA .

What I have already tried :

  • Sucesfully import devices in Tuya IoT Platform , by adding both accounts to my project
  • Tried to “add integration” → Tuya ( its same Tuya IoT Access ID&Secret but with the Smart Life account & password
    I am getting the error : “Login error (1106): permission deny”
  • Then I tried to “add integration” → Localtuya . It adds the integration , but no devices are imported from smart life .

What I am doing wrong here?Is this even possible?
Anyone who already manage to do this , can help me?

Since I was not able to find a solution to this , I bought an ikea signal extender , and I paired the thermostats directly to my Sonoff cordinator . Ofcourse this one open the pandoras box with the configuration of this thermostats for HA , but this is a completly diffrent topic to investigate .