Tuya Bluetooth bridge

HI, I accidentally bought a lot of bluetooth door sensor. I’m looking for a way to integrate them

I saw this bluetooth Tuya bridge Tuya Bluetooth Hub WiFi Smart Home Bridge Wireless Remote Controller BLUE Sig Mesh|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress

Would it work with Tuya integration ?


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Don’t know about any integration for the device you specified, but if you can figure out the characteristics of your ble devices, this project seems well thought out and would perhaps allow you to interface via esp32 and MQTT.

it’s those sensors :

id love to get some info on this myself, i have the fingerbots, tuya branded to adaprox

Can someone confirm if it will be compatible/supported/working?

The tuya bluetooth bridge will not work with the mi bluetooth door sensors from the picture. Mi = Xiaomi, not Tuya.