Tuya custom component - request copy of tuya.py


anybody got a copy of the tuya.py custom component? All links are down, wouldnt mind using local control rather than the tuya cloud.

cheers folks

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Hi @frank451,

Why you use Tuya custom component? From 0.74 version, tuya is integrated in home assistant

I want to ditch the devices from polling tuya servers and not rely on the cloud.

Had problems with pfsense router ever since running tuya devices.


Any chance doing the tuya call locally?

Yes I have the original tuya component with local support. It works with coloured and dimmable light bulbs and switches.

It would be great if someone could merge in this local support to the built-in component. Living in the dark if the internet goes down is ridiculous.

Here are couple of mirrors.

@woowoo Those links don’t appear to work anymore. Do you have new links?

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