Tuya Extended Feature


I’ve seen that the tuya component does not expose all available data from tuya.

My device (BHT-.6000 Thermostat) sends the following data:
{'dps': {'4': '1', '5': False, '3': 38, '103': '0', '6': False, '2': 28, '1': False, '102': 27, '104': False}, 'devId': '<dev-id>'}
I know that is also sended to tuya beacuse the official app can handle all this data
(temperature, target temperature, auto/manual, eco mode, screen on/off, etc)
In tuya.py and climate/tuya.py can’t find the method to see raw (full) tuya data
With that data can be possible to integrate perfectly my device, and many others

And, why not extend component with local key to get data locally?